Friday, June 13, 2008

Who Loves Yuh, Baby?

One of my summer projects is updating our MI web site and I would really like to add more alumni news. Right now, if you go to you will see that we cover the period from 1996 to 2008 (although not comprehensively). In the past, we've focused on highlighting academic appointment/publication information because we often have prospective students ask about our placement record. It makes it easy to point them to this location and they can see the range of our alumni network in academic institutions throughout the world. Nonetheless, as you might suspect, our updating efforts have been somewhat hit-or-miss. I'd like to correct that by trying to create a contact list of all our living Medieval Institute grads (in and out of academia).

My goal over the summer is to get some help from the ND Alumni Office to obtain a complete list of our grads and current contact info for them. With that in hand, I'd like to e-mail each of our alumni and ask them to give me a paragraph or two on what they are doing currently. IF YOU ARE A GRADUATE OF THE NOTRE DAME MEDIEVAL INSTITUTE, please feel free to beat me to the punch and shoot me an e-mail with your on-line address, present work status, noteworthy life events, a cv, a reminiscence, or whatever you wouldn't mind sharing with my blog-readers. I reserve the write to edit--after all, it IS my blog--but you might get a kick out of catching up on some of the folks with whom you share memories. I would very much like to get acquainted with more of our MI alumni. They keep turning up and introducing themselves to me at conferences, and I'm starting to feel that becoming our "family" historian would be a very enjoyable addition to my job description.

Thanks to the blog, I've heard from Simone Brosig (Ph.D. 2006), Bonnie Mak (Ph.D. 2004), Mike Waddell (Ph.D. 2000), and Robin Vose (Ph.D. 2004). And I know that there has been an on-campus sighting of Randy Smith (Ph.D. 1998), whom I hope to catch before he leaves South Bend. If any of you blog-readers are visiting Notre Dame, let me know, so I can greet you in person. You might even get one of our Medieval Institute t-shirts--a precious commodity in some circles.

Our "kissing cousin" medievalists who graduated from other ND departments are most welcome to join in the lovefest, too. If you had the entry code to the Reading Room door, then you're plenty good enough to comment on this blog. So, now do you know "who loves YOU, baby?"

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