Monday, June 30, 2008

Constable New Acting Director of Medieval Institute

With great pleasure, I am posting the e-mail message below from John McGreevy, incoming dean of the College of Arts and Letters, to the Medieval Institute faculty and students:

Dear Colleagues:

I'm delighted to announce that Remie Constable has agreed to step in for a two-year term as Acting Director of the Medieval Institute. As all of you know, Remie's record is an unusually distinguished  one. She has published two major monographs and edited a third. Her revised dissertation, "Trade and Traders in Muslim Spain" (Cambridge, 1994) received the John Nicholas Brown prize from the Medieval Academy of America. Her fellowship record is equally stellar, with major awards from the American Council of Learned Societies and the NEH.  At the same time, she has successfully taught  at all levels of the curriculum, from university seminar to graduate student reading courses, and is this year slated for a College Seminar. I can personally attest to her gifts as an administrator, and her six-year stint as Director of Graduate Studies in History was marked by significant advances in the organization and coherence of History's graduate program.

I will look forward to further conversations with medievalists on campus about the long-term future of the Medieval Institute. But your thoughtful, measured responses to Mark's call for suggestions, and your enthusiasm for Remie as a possible leader, were most helpful.  Please join me in thanking Remie and congratulating her for taking on this new role

Best, John

As all of you know

John T. McGreevy
Department of History
University of Notre Dame
Notre Dame, IN 46556-0368
Fax: (574)631-4717

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